Exeray data write speed is 20X more than Commmercial Database

Exeray’s revolutionary big data technology shows its power in big data storage and indexing. We inserted 3,000,000 records into our ArrayDB and recorded the clock time. We did the same in a well-known Commercial Database (CD). It took CD 23 minutes 3 seconds to finish the insert, but it took only 51 seconds in ArrayDB. This is 26X speed up! As more data is inserted, we expect this speedup factor steadily increases. Exeray’s disruptive data storage and indexing technology brings significant advance in today’s computing environment where data enters IT systems with extremely high velocity.

Each inserted record contains a 16 byte key and a 16 byte value filed. CD and ArrayDB all indexed on the keys.

$ wc -l /tmp/3M1.txt
3000005 /tmp/3M1.txt

$ head /tmp/3M1.txt

In Commercial Database environment:

load  ‘/tmp/3M1.txt’ into table T1:

Start time: Thu Oct 23 23:04:39 EDT 2014
End time:   Thu Oct 23 23:27:42 EDT 2014

Top shows 1.2GB memory usage.

sql>  select count(*) from t1;


Elapsed: 00:00:00.11

In ArrayDB environment:

$ rsql

Raydb Server 1.0 from Exeray

rdb> load file /tmp/3M1.txt into t1;
Done in 51048 milliseconds

Top shows 166MB memory usage.

rdb>  select count(*) from t1;
Done in 98 milliseconds

In the next blog post, we will compare Commercial Database and ArrayDB in data query.


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