ArrayDB Beta Version has been released

Today we proudly announce that beta version of ArrayDB analytical database has been released to the general public. In the past few months, Exeray has developed a new cloud based enterprise database software, ArrayDB, in analytical processing of big data. By leveraging our breakthrough technological invention (ArrayIndexing ™) that can speed up indexing of data by orders of magnitude, we will provide customers an exceptionally fast query engine for customers to gain deep insights into data. Our software will be a valuable resource as both an transaction engine and an analytical engine. Our ArrayDB product is clearly superior to all competitors in analytics of big data. Firs time in history, a database that employs revolutionary array-based indexing technology is developed and released. The ArrayDB product package can be downloaded from github repository:


Exeray has released ArrayDB Embedded Database

ArrayDB Embedded Database is useful for embedded devices such as smart phones or smart meters.  In such cases, all you need is a fast, file-based stand-alone data storage engine that can manage your data with high performance. Embedded ArrayDB storage enginer can store data up to 36000 records per second and read the data at 35 millions records per second.  Even better, in addition to its high speed, memory consumption is minimal.