ArrayDB 1.0 Official Release

After six months of hard work on ArrayDB, we are proud to announce ArrayDB 1.0, the next-generation NewSQL data store that delivers high-performance based on our revolutionary array-indexing technology.

Some key features of ArrayDB are:

  • High Performance: 5,000,000 per minute data ingestion and indexing building at the same time.  High performance of data write allows storing data at high velocity.
  • Fast Join:  joining of multiple tables at the same time, and at high speed because of fast merge join operation of the unique array-indexed tables.
  • Configurable memory usage: easy configuration of memory usage for fast data load and table join in environments where DRAM resources can be leveraged.
  • More client binding: In addition to C binding, Java and JDBC client API are provided. Any Java application can call native ArrayDB Java API or ArrayDB JDBC to query the fast ArrayDB server.
  • Semi-structured data support: Keys in a table have a schema, but the value fields in a table are schema-less. This feature allows flexible storage of non-structured data as well as fast lookup of key data.

We will continue to improve our product and make ArrayDB scalable.  Future work will include integration of our fast indexing engine with big data platforms to offer a spectrum of computing functionality.